I started writing a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away… If you are interested, I can share with you all my writings.

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Three Pairs of Shoes

Thats all I own, well in the shoe department anyway. I used to be so concerned with stuff and appearance. I always had nice watches, nice pants and jackets and nice shirts. I dressed well and felt like I impressed. The question is, who was I impressing? Myself or those around me?

Moving to Eugene nine months ago, everything changed. I got rid of every suit I owned. Every nice shirt was donated to goodwill. I gave all the pictures that had been in my family for years and years, away. I kept two boxes and removed the rest. I got rid of the excess in my life and became a true minimalist. I left for 3 months and went to India. It was going to be a life changing trip and I planned to travel an see as much of India as possible. As you all know, that didn’t happen. I ended up primarily in Delhi and a few days in Chennai. I got to see two of my cousins and watched lots of Bollywood movies. I fell in love with the culture and even though there are 24 million people in Delhi alone, a part of me felt connected to the place (read more here)

No words can express the fracture in my heart. No time can heal the loss of your smile.

I can’t write this without crying. I feel a whole new level of pain that I have never experienced before. Its surreal and I am still in shock. When I got the call on Sunday night, I felt my heart sink to new depths. As it sits now, my cousin Jake is no longer with me and that is a hard pill to swallow. He was my little brother in a sense.

It all started in 2007. I had just come out of a bad break up with a girl I was engaged to for 4 years that couldn’t commit. I had to make the decision for both of us because there was nothing left to do. She moved out in December of 2006. I started singleness in 2007. I was on wellbutrin and had been taking it for a number of years to help with the depression of my divorce and my father’s death. I finally decided I was done with that shit. I quit cold turkey. (read more here)


Yes I am referring to me. I am a dinosaur at 46 years old. I have a masters degree and I cannot find a job. I mean I can, but not in a field that pays any sort of money. I currently work and make $14.00 an hour which equates to $9.80 per hour after taxes. The bummer about it is its part time. If I go full time, I might as well give up on any sort of life, friends, relationship or free time.

I also drive for Uber/Lyft part time. Between the two I barely take home $1500 a month. When you factor in Rent ($750), Car note ($330), Insurance ($220), Cell phone ($60) and a few bills that are lingering I am scraping by with about $100 to $200 a month. No savings, no 401K, no money in case of an emergency. It sucks. (read more here)



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