I have been writing since I was 14 years old. I am not exactly sure how I got into it, may have been watching my father furiously type away on an old smith corona typewriter, then when he upgraded to the Smith Corona PWP 47D, I became hooked.  I was writing short stories poems and everything else I could think of.  I finally got my own PWP 425 and began to create my own.  My father started the Ruination of Dylan Forbes and unfortunately passed away before he could finish it. With the wonderful guidance of my Mothers memory and encouragement, help and persistent coaching from friends and family, I was able to complete the first edition in 2010.

I am working on my second book and taking pre orders for August 2017.  It has been a fun journey and it is snippets and tidbits from my own life that I share for purposes of humor and possible self growth and discovery. I hope you will read and enjoy! 

 My fathers masterpiece (Aug 2011)

My fathers masterpiece (Aug 2011)

Ruination of Dylan Forbes

"The Ruination of Dylan Forbes".  It is an introspective and interesting look at a man whose life and time was out of sync with the rest of the world. He did things differently than everyone else and challenged the rules and authority. He lived fast and hard and made sure to leave an impression everywhere he went. Don't wait, get your copy today.


My upcoming book (July2017)

Food, Water, Air & Plenty of Sex

This book is an autobiography of my life.  Beginning with some of my earliest memories and continuing on to present day.  I take you on a ride and show you that sometimes it's okay to not know what is next. Its a story of showing you that regardless of where you go, the one person you will always be with is yourself. You will get an in depth working of my life and my perspectives and hopefully get some inspiration along the way.  I have compiled many of my lessons from numerous sources into this funny, entertaining and thoughtful work.

$19.99 with additional chapters being released as completed at cost of $5.99

Don't wait. Order your copy today!

The Ruination of Dylan Forbes
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