A Poets Conception of Love

I look into your eyes
and nothing else matters
everything around me
just crumbles and shatters

when i'm feeling lonely
or when i seem so blue
I look into your beauty
and your love pulls me through

My heart seems its in heaven
this feeling from above
nothing seems to compare to
this emotion they call love

i wonder if she knows
exactly how i feel?
sometimes it seems like fantasy
but i know this dream is real

All too often i can't express
the way i feel inside
i feel like running far away
so all my emotions will hide

i know that my whole life
has not been quite right
i'd ask to spend my whole world
with you, right here, tonight.

please don't ever leave me
i don't know what i would do
i made the mistake of building my whole life
completely around you.
Chad BordesComment