Friday Movie and Time with a Good Friend

Today was a good day.  I woke up and worked out.  I spoke with Gerald, my coworker from the gym.  I also spoke to my dad.  I know he hates to see me leave, but deep down, I think he knows what is best for me.  I told him that I was unhappy here in Florida and that I was becoming stagnant in the midst of my daily routines.

At work I received tons of support from great friends, Donna and Angela as well as Kathy Vail.  Donna is so sweet and has been inviting me over to her house for dinner since she knows I am a bachelor.  Her husband has been challenging me to eat these amazingly hot peppers and follow them with a shot of good whiskey, when I go over to eat.  Quite funny but I think i whooped his ass the last time. He turned beet red and Donna, just laughed.

I ended up going to the movies with Angela tonight.  She is like one of the guys, although she is very smart and cute.  We saw "1st wives club" and it was pretty cute.  I actually ran into Erika, from work at AltaCare. She is sad to see me leave.  She wanted to hook me up with her cute friend, but since I am moving she decided not to.

I took Jim, my 83 year old downstairs neighbor, to Denny's tonight.  We hadn't been to Denny's together in a while.  It always feels good to talk to him.  He is very wise and I liked paying for his coffee.

I think i realized that I don't like being alone and that good company suits me best.  For such a long time Darcy became my company and best friend and then she was gone.  I think it is very important to never lose sight of true friends and Jim is definitely a true friend.  He has always given me a wise words and tends to make me feel good.  I guess i became infatuated with Darcy and forgot about life.  Now I realize deep down that our dreams were similar but our goals differed ever so slightly.  Life has a funny way of showing you that problems are not problems unless you dwell on them.

Until next time...