Funday Friday

What a day.  Woke up at 11:00.  Didn't have to work at Alta Care today.  Johnny and I ended up going to lunch at Norma's.  That is some damn good food.  When we went downstairs, we ran into Sue (jim my downstairs neighbor) a friend that lives in my complex.  She is so sweet. She asked what I was doing at the mall and I told her chasing girls.

Johnny and I walked around the mall for a while.  Johnny bought a CD.  About this time I realized that it was time to go to work at Monsanto.  The gym was good today and very busy.  I love helping people get in shape. This is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had.  People seem to respect and look up to me for answers.  After work at about 10:30 Johnny and I decided to go to Seville.  I had a great time.  We walked around and I had the pleasure of looking at some beautiful women.  Johnny ended up hooking up with Heather (Tiffany's sister....we still don't know who this is or can't remember).  ABC was in full effect.

I didn't over do the drinking tonight.  I had a few cocktails and mixed shots.  I paced myself and drank water  after every drink so I would not get obliterated.  I stopped at Denny's again and ate.  I will miss certain aspects or memories of Pensacola, but memories are what build our lives.  Colorado is the next chapter.

Until next time...
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