Getting Nervous

Today started good.  It was the first time I was able to wake up, shut the alarm off, sleep for another hour and still remember my dream.  I dreamed that I was surfing and couldn't leave the beach because the waves just kept getting a little bit bigger and better.  What a stellar dream.

Even though it rained and was nasty, i was still able to smile.  Jimmy Buffett started me off and finished me off right as well.  I was very busy at the gym.  I had appointments all day. When I went to Powerhouse gym, Angie (the 18yo) informed me that she left a note on my door step.  It was a card telling me how much she likes me and how she has never dated anyone who has treated her so well.

Jim took me to dinner because I helped him put together his treadmill.  Dad called and informed me of Grandma's birthday tomorrow.  I must call.  I still haven't received my letter from Kimberly at Elk Ridge Apartments.( see floor plan)

I have 3 weeks to go until I move there and I am still anxious and nervous.  I also talked to a guy named Bill Spring today at the Gym at Monsanto.  He is a teacher.  He lived in colorado springs and loved it.  He wants to get together and get beers and tell jokes.  He is a cool guy.  He met his wife in Colorado.  He showed me a pic, man is she cute.  I learned something new today, so I am happy.

Until next time...
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