Lazy Sundays

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" blared on the radio as I turned it on this morning.  I woke up at 7am and had some hot chocolate.  Read a little of "Science of Flexibility".  I got a call from my dad and he seemed rather chipper on this Sunday.  He also told me not to worry about my insurance on the car for the next two months.  That sure will help me out a lot as I get settled in Colorado.

I cleaned my apartment (8491 Old Spanish Trail road Pensacola, FL) a little today.  Training was very interesting.  I trained two girls today and one of which was obsessed with sex.  The whole entire time she is telling me how much she loves it while I am trying to train her.  I also met a very cool girl named Gina.

Gina had the same problem or was having the same problem that I had when i broke up with Darcy.  When I was doing my laundry at 5:30, Gina showed up in tears.  I talked to her for a while.  I figure she just needs someone to talk to.  I gave her a card and told her to call me if she felt the need to.  I think that is part of life, being there as an unjudgemental friend for someone in need.  On a side note, i hope all goes well in Colorado.

Do unto others as you wish to have done to yourself.  Every now and then its okay to be a little selfish.  Win/Win Situations.  You only have a short while here.

Until next time...
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