New Chapters

Today was cloudy and cold.  Its getting closer until I make this move to Colorado.  I am nervous and excited.  Nervous because of the job situation...I am going there blind.  I do tend to underestimate my abilities.  If there is one thing that I have learned in the last relationship, its to stop second guessing myself.  I am excited because it will be a new chapter in my life.  This is going to be one of those stories that (if i have children), I will be telling them.

When I reflect, I realize that I am not alone.  Many people, who are older and wiser than I have experienced similar events and are still around like my dad.  Jimmy Buffett said, "I gotta school boy heart, a novelist eye, stout sailors legs and a license to fly..."

He didn't get that way by being stagnant.  He got off his ass and learned about life.  As I sit here and watch David Letterman, I realize how complicated we humans have made a relatively simple life.  We forget about the beautiful world that surrounds us and we rely on man made inventions like TV's, computers and automobiles.  I look forward to camping and hiking and seing more of this great planet we call earth.  I want to become more a part of nature.

I saw my friend Charles at the gym tonight.  He is a super cool guy.  He is sincere, funny, honest and doesn't throw bullshit around.  He asked me to go to Seville with him and work the lady crowd.  I will try and take him up on it this Thursday.

Darcy called and left a message on my machine.  It has been a few hours since I pondered our old relationship.  I called her back but she never returned my call.  Either she is "too busy", "afraid I was asleep", or "with her new boyfriend, Taylor".  My perception is what.  Friends once, lovers for a bit, distant---extremely.  I guess we never truly know until we look in.

Until next time...
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