One Day Behind...

Well I am a day behind it seems.  Somehow that reminds me of the Outfield song,

"I only live for today, and I'm one day behind".  I was depressed when I woke up, but that faded as the day progressed.  I get very sick of this winter weather.  It makes me kinda blue.  Lately, I have been listening to "Hero of the Day" and "Until it sleeps" by Metallica.  The album,"Load",  is great, but I like those songs in particular.

Today, I trained Gerald on the computer.  He seems to pick up stuff pretty quick.  It was pretty uneventful at the gym at Monsanto.  I trained right before I left and then headed home.  I got a message from my cousin Johnny that he wanted to see the Connells at Seville.  I said, hell yes I am in.

Life seems odd at times, but once you realize you can survive no matter what, it is all good.  Angie, the 18 year old I have been seeing from the gym, seemed a bit upset.  I called her to find out what was going on.  She confessed that she has strong feelings for me.  I told her that I don't have those same feelings.  I told her I liked her, but not in the same way that she likes me.  She asked me if I had slept with anyone besides her and I told her no.

I feel like I am a player, not intentionally, but as a bystander.  I want to be in a relationship, but on the flip side,  I enjoy my single life now.  I am trying to focus on me and learn to love myself and build up my esteem.  Living with myself, there is a scary thought

Until next time...
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