Positive Thought

Woke up at 7:00 am and started reading "Positive Thinking". It is an excellent book. I decided after a few cups of coffee to go for a ride because it is such a beautiful day. I went to Bagels del Sol on my bike. It was a great ride. For the first time in a while I only rode 10 miles, However, i was still aerobic for 30 minutes.

Jim came up and talked to me for a while.

I told him that I am going to start my own company in Colorado. I told him that if it starts to do well, I want to hire him. I think he would be an excellent asset to any organization. I think with his ability to speak to people, we would be able to effectively market ourselves. I basically would need the microfit machiine and a computer. I could probably call my Uncle and ask him for the loan. It would be a great idea.

Powerhouse Gym was slammed. I did two measurements and 3 prescriptions. Gina came over last night and RocKED my world. I will leave that thought to your imagination.

Until next time....
Chad BordesComment