Woke up today at 7. I didn't have to work today so I made coffee and drank several cups. I was going to work out, but i remembered a promise to a friend…Isaac. He is a senior in the program where I work. I promised him breakfast at waffle house. I am a man of my word. If I say I'll do it, I will do it damn it. I also bought him a newspaper and a calendar. He was so thankful. I think that is what this life is all about. This fucked up thing known as life. When you make others happy, you make yourself happy.

I try to be happy everyday. It is a learning process, just like being assertive. We are born emotionless into this world and we have to learn all these emotions. I am learning.

I decided very last minute to drive home and see the folks. I ended up eating dinner at the Burger King in Grand Bay. This place is majestic as the sun sets. Very pretty watching the skies change color and being on the water of the Mobile Bay. Burger King was a bad idea. The food tasted really bad and the line was longer than my memory span. I think it was another lesson in life, you have to take the good with the bad. I got to my parents at 8:30 and watched tv til 2am…I was a tired boy.

Until next time...
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