Selling things...

What a day!. Nancy ad her room mate came over and looked at some of my furniture. They looked at the couch, chair and some other stuff. They weren't really interested in the couch or chair, but really liked my lamps. I thought about it all day and decided not to sell because it will be expensive to replace that stuff in Colorado. I think it will be cheaper to hang on to them then have to go out and buy new stuff.

Found out that Angela (from powerhouse gym) is in love with me. I feel bad because i know she will be hurt when I leave. I wish i wouldn't have pursued sexual desires on this one. I think we may have been good as friends. Who knows, maybe we can be friends still?

Gina and I talked a lot a work tonight. She is very attractive. I have never dated an asian girl before, but I think they are so exotic. I think i need to peak my curiousity. Today in the gym we were making all kinds of sexual innuendoes. A thought I had is that it is okay if it is among friends, but not really around total strangers or people you work with.

I came home and bought the last amount of groceries for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I feel positive and nervous about this move. I will do well and learn how to love life more in the process. I am good and good things are going to happen to me.

Until next time...
Chad Bordes2 Comments