Woke up early today, no clue why.  Work was good.  Today was cloudy and cold.  Mike (at Altacare) and I cut up all day long.  Bill Spring was cool as always.  He is so laid back and funny.  I am getting nervous about the move.  I am looking forward to it.  Johnny called me and asked me to go to lunch at Norma's in Dillards.  I wasn't able to go because I had to hang with the adults on this day.

After work at Monsanto, I came home and got ready for the outing of the evening.  Johnny and I went to seville.  The crowd was outrageous.  The chicks looked really good on this particular night.  I am slowly learning to like being single.  Membership has its privileges.  I worked out with this girl Jenny S.  who has a fantastic body.  She was good friends with my ex girlfriend Gina D.  While at Seville, I saw her friend Jennifer.  We chatted for a bit and she was a cutie as well.  She seems like she could be interested in me.  While I was talking to her, Stephanie (an ex) came up and hugged me.  She told me her and Tom were getting married in June.  She showed me the ring and I was happy for her (the totally deserve each other).  I asked Stephanie out right in front of Tom at Parisian, one night when he was getting ready to ask her out.  Since she was on the spot she said yes to me.  I could tell Tom was disturbed...  I digress.

Its amazing how dynamic life is.  Johnny, was talking to Ginger, who used to work at the Court Cafe.  She is such a cool chick and gave me a ton of encouragement in my move.  I also ran into John Popovich.  He said he was going to come to my going away party.  I finished the evening talking to Marissa (another ex) at Denny's.  Life is really never the same...constantly changing.

Until next time...
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