Slowly saying my goodbyes

Woke up at 9 this morning.  Turned out to be a gorgeous day. I ate breakfast and watched some TV.  I decided to go on a ride and did a 15 mile loop by my house on my Fuji today.  Its an old touring series III but i love it.  It works.  It felt great to be on my bike and be connected with nature again.  I admired the trees and the birds and watched a Delta DC-9 take off over my head out of Pensacola Airport.

I went to Ashley's place today to help him wax his car.  I guess his wife was out with the kids.  Ash and I used to work at Mom's Cinnamon Rolls together.  He was my aloof baker.  I remember one time, leaving him in charge of baking 2 hummingbird cakes.  I mixed them up, put them in the mold and had him bake them.  I came back to the mall 4 hours later and the cakes were still in the oven.  All you can do is laugh.

After we waxed his car, we went to Sam's club to pick some stuff up and then we went to the best restaurant in Pensacola, called Fournaris Brothers and ordered a super 7 pizza.  It was amazing.  After we ate, I said my goodbyes and headed home.  It was great to see Ashley again.  He seems to be doing well with work and the family.

Jim, rang me on the phone and told me to get my ass downstairs to go to Denny's with him.  I said I don't hang out with old people jokingly, and met him downstairs shortly there after.  I can't say no to Jim because he is such a good friend.  I remember giving Jim my TV because his was busted.  He was so thankful that he cried.  He is very genuine.

Today was in all a good day.  I think my neurochemistry is starting to get back into place.  I am slowly seeing that all this information I take in is making me a strong person.  I learn something new about myself and the world around me daily.  I get better every day.  Things are becoming clearer in my head.  I am learning to love myself and the life that I create.  I look forward to the journey ahead.

Until next time...
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