The Connells and Tonic

What a day! Picked up the seniors and dropped them off. I am not working anymore in the office. They asked me to pick up the Seniors since they don't have a driver on this day. I said no problem. After dropping them off, I spent time back home cleaning and packing.

Monsanto was slow. Weather was very beautiful and has been for the past few days. Looking forward to the adventure of the move. Who knows what the future has to offer.

Went to Seville Quarter tonight and saw "Tonic" open up for "The Connells". It was an awesome show. I met a guy from Monsanto and a couple of his friends. I also ran into Shawn Crooks. He is such a good guy and a cool friend. He introduced me to some of his friends and his new girlfriend Dana.

At 12, I met up with Heather (Tiffany's sister) and we ended up talking and drinking until 2am. When i walked her to her car, she kissed me. She was drunk, but it was a cool ending to a great day.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment