Thursday and Self Discovery

Life has a funny way of working itself out.  I was pretty depressed this morning.  I think partially because I am (or so i seem to think), needing to fall in love.  I realized that I don't enjoy being alone.  Unlike Robert Deniro in "Heat", I am alone and lonely.

I did realize today that music can save our mortal souls and that time tends to iron out lifes little wrinkles.  Sometimes the irony and why life sucks is because there is no certainty.  Change is what makes us learn, and learning makes us change.  (Oh shit, i am getting to deep for myself...i need to cut that shit out).

Sometimes I wonder if I should sit back and enjoy the ride???  I seem to feel that laughter is good and that it is something I need to do more of.  I guess my life makes sense to me.  Or does it?  I have to constantly remind myself that life is good and I am a good person.  I am also blessed with looks and a decent personality.  I guess I should look forward to this quest for happiness and the pursuit of love.

I want to discover who I am.  I desire to sit down and find my identity and not who my friends think I should be.  I want to find me in the absence of everything and everybody else.  I long to find me!

Until next time...