1997-02-12-Decision day

Woke up and drove down to 24 hour fitness on county quebec. I met with Denise. She is a little firecracker from New York. She really liked my attitude and said she would love to hire me. She told me to think about it and let her know by Friday.

I have to weigh out the options. The chilis is right by my house, but the work is not in my field. The 24 hour fitness is in my field, but the drive is almost 35-40 minutes away. I have some tough decisions.

I met with Kent from Chili's at 2:30. He asked me a few questions and hired me and told me to report in Saturday for training. I called Denise back and told her I would take the job. She told me to come in tomorrow to get familiar and do some one on one's with her.

I will call Kent tomorrow and tell him I had to take a different job in my field, hopefully he will be understanding.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment