1997-02-13-First day

I woke up at 8 and played on my word processor making spreadsheets and forms. I had some coffee and some oatmeal. I decided to head to 24 hour early to make a good impression. I am not sure what I will be doing, but I am sure it will be fun.

I remember stopping at einsteins on County line road, getting a cup of coffee and a bagel before I went to 24 hour and just watching the clouds float overhead. Off in the distance, I could see the sun slowly going behind the mountains. It was the most magestical sight I have seen and made my heart skip a beat.

Denise had me fill out all the necessary paperwork and introduced me to Paul, the club manager. He is a sales guy and hopes that I can bring in some business. I am not sure how i feel about sales because I am not that confident. I think if Jeff Fabrizio (Dan's friend) can do it, so can I. One day at a time.

I read when i got home and fell asleep.

Until next time
Chad BordesComment