1997-02-14-First club experience in Denver

Woke up and drank an assload of coffee. I drove to Colorado National bank and opened an account. I needed to put my money somewhere. My checks finally came in from Alta care and I got a final check from Monsanto also.

I went with Dan to LePeeps What a kick ass breakfast. I had one of their skillets and 1000 more cups of coffee....WIRED.

Dan trained Mindy and then called me and asked me to come over later to go to the movies and then clubbing. He gave me a boatload of leads. They were clients that he couldn't train with his company anymore so he gave them to me on the DL. I closed a few of them, which was good because i need some extra revenue.

Dan, jeff and I saw "Space Jam" then we headed to Giggling Grizzly in lodo. Had a great time. Had a few beers, relaxed and listened to some good music.

unitil next time.
Chad BordesComment