1998-07-22-Return from Mississippi

Well all is well since our return from Mississippi. It was great to see my mom and dad, Cousin Damillo and Leigh, Ryan and Holli, Brad and Cindy and the kids. We got to see Christopher Cross at the Grand Casino in Gulfport and I have to say, he is better in person then he is on CD.

Today was a busy one. I feel the need to grow again. I enjoy doing the travel stuff, however, I was told about a job in fitnesss that is right up my alley. I have to give it some thought. The money would be way better than Globus and cosmos. I want to get a car, however, I get scared at times that I won't be...what I am saying is, a year ago, I had no fear. I was more positive and I want to get back to that point.

I don't want to set myself up for failure. I feel that I have a lot to offer, however, I am stuck. I am not moving forward. I am very important, I am good, I am on this journey for a reason. I am going to enjoy the journey and the process of becoming.

I learned a lot today.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment