1998-12-25; Christmas day

Today was a great day. We opened presents at 9:30 after sleeping in for a bit. Maryann bought me some new cords from J Crew. She also bought me a leatherman tool and a MontBlanc Pen...

I got her a few things that she wanted as well. I played on our new Gateway computer for a while. I found out I was overdrawn by 200 bones. Primarily because of the $250 deductable I had to pay for the car repairs. (I wrecked the Montero)

Loki and Jasmine got new Dino's (don't ask me...Maryann made up the terms...apparently they are chew toys.) They seemed to enjoy them. They even opened them. I got maryann a wallet that she may take back and get something else for.

It seemed that it was a good day.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment