Today was a good day. I test drove a Jeep. I want one so badly I can taste it. I think a jeep symbolizes who i am all over. I am tough, rugged, and can go anywhere. I am going to work towards getting a Jeep.

I had an idea to do remodeling and construction...that would be fun. I think there are lots of possiblities out there at this moment.

I am looking forward to being single again. I love sex. I haven't yet experienced a threesome so I am putting that out there in hopes of finding it. What does this have to do with how I am feeling? Everything! At this moment, I am sexually frustrated and can't think straight.

I got more mixed messages today. Maryann is definitely over me. She has been for a while. I wonder when we will file for divorce? I should join a choir. I should learn to play the guitar and piano. Its never too late. I am going to star life for the first time absent of emotions. Its kind of like being in highschool.

Mom isn't doing well. Hopefully she will get better. If not, she will have to go to Christina's. I will deal wit that when the times come. I am learning to let go.

I called Maryann today because I miss her. I hope tomorrow is better.

Until next time..
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