Chad, this is a friendly reminder to MOVE ON. You are being played like a finely tuned guitar. If you can't see it, you never will. Maryann is dating Mark while you are still married. Wake up and smell the Java. Absolutely, No more intimate contacts with her. I am not sure you can see the destructive cycle. Before long it will be who can get even with who. That is not like you, never has been and never will be. Cut your losses and move on.

Don't allow yourself to be a guitar. Anger, lots of anger. Lets hope I can sleep. Focus Chad...Maryann decided to move on. You need to sever ties. October 1 is your deadline. I love you!

I am a good person
I am on this journey for a reason and that reason becoming more evident daily
I respect myself and those around me.

Until next time
Chad BordesComment