Today was a good day emotionally. I think Maryann still loves me, but is very confused because of Mark.

I went to the gap today and bought some new clothes for me. I also bought a new CD which i really like, "Fuel-Something like Human". I found out maryann pulled out 2500 from our account. At times she is seems uncommitted and other times she is in it. Who knows at this point.

Went to club HeartThrob with Robert and Joe. Mary from work ended up meeting us there. Maryann became jealous when Mary asked me to dance. I ran into Antoine, the Fed Ex guy started talking about all the flowers maryann had been receiving. I advised him that they weren't from me.

I decided to give Maryann a taste of her own medicine. I asked the coat girl for her number. She gave it to me right as Maryann walked up. Maryann was pissed. Our situation is fucked and not to be repaired. She has made up her mind.

She shared how mad it made her and how upset she was. I said, "good, now you know how it feels". We talked the whole way home. Brought up points and counter points and ended the night on a hug. Until next time.
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