September 26, 2000-Tuesday

Great workout!
Stuck to my eating plan (Body for Life)
Sent out resume's all day. I just finished reading, "You don't have to make everything all better" and began "Excuse me, Your life is waiting. What a fantastic book. It says that your life is about your feelings. Feel sad and attract sadness into your life. Feel happy and attract happiness and love into your life.

Maryann is very unhappy. I, or should i say, she said that I invalidated her feelings. She got so mad that she made me move all of my stuff out of her room. We talked but to no avail. I wasn't hearing her and she wasn't hearing me. It was an argument grudge match with no real winner. We both became extremely upset. She realized that we aren't compatible for each other. We tried to understand where the other is coming from, where we went wrong...this was a bad idea because it lead to more arguing.

Mark (the man she had the affair with) called while we were arguing. This really pissed me off! Why????? The relationship is over. I want Mark out of the picture before i divest another ounce of my emotions in this fucked up relationship.

I need to learn about this book more. It is really good and seems to hold some strong truths to it. I feel this book is guiding me to live a better life. I am learning to erradicate my old negative behaviors, thoughts and patterns. Positivity and love really fills my heart right now. I seem spiritually high. I will get what i want and feel. I am radiating with energy and love myself more each day.

More tomorrow...
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