October 10, 2000-Tuesday

Great day. I have been getting lots of responses from my excite ad. Wourked out at Tony's other house from 9-4 today. Felt good and stayed positive. it was a gorgeous day and I got a lot done. i have not been thinking about maryann that much. I am going to ask the judge to waive the 90 day cooling off period since Maryann is still seeing mark. I feel it is not fair. I have tried to be decent, it seems that Maryann does not

Anyhow, i went on my first internet date tonight. Very cool girl whose name is Marla. She is very pretty, great attitude. I like all her mannerisms and she is friendly. T-man and I are goin to he birthday party on Saturday. I am hoping it will be a blast. I have to remember that I am very vulnerable and may need to avoid intimacy for a while. Self gratification may be the key?
Chad BordesComment