October 14, 2000-Saturday

Woke up at 7:00. Decided to sleep in a bit :-). Was a bit tired. Went and saw a lawyer about the maryann deal. I feel that because she is the one that cheated on me, for the longest time I have felt that I was the bad guy. I guess i felt this way because i had to move out of the house and have to pay her 50% . I am still unsure about this lawyer thing. I don't think she is bad, I guess i just never felt that I would have to get an attorney. The attorney is trying to get me what is rightfully mine. Maryann caused an interruption in life for me, so there should be some compensation.

I got upset yesterday because i closed my valve off. I went to my friend Dan and Liz's new house and I became so envious. I thought to myself, here i am 29 years old and have nothing. I am also up in the air about what to tell maryann about money. (we sold our car and i kept the $2900) I will call the lawyer and ask her today. I have a lot of thinking to do today. Hopefully I will be able to make some resolve of all this

This evening, I went with Tony to Paul and Jackie's for dinner. It was great, good wine and amazing prime rib as well as a fantastic salad. After dinner i mosied over to Marla's party. She lives out by the airport. She bought a great little place that is very homey and has done a lot with the place for only living there a month.

She is a genuinely nice person. We took a drive downtown (lodo) and went to the Puple Martini and finally to Cosmos. I had a blast. Marla is a total entertainer and knows how to work the crowd. I really enjoyed hanging out with her. She has dirty blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a solid frame a wonderful smile and a fantastic attitude.

I am truly glad that i met her because she has the qualities of a person that I would want a relationship with. I don't want to pursue anything at this time because my separation is too fresh. My counselor (Sandee) said, I am too vulnerable right now. Marla walked me to my Jeep, kissed me and said goodnight. All in all it was a great night.

I believe i am a great person. I am on this journey for a reason, with that reason becoming more evident as the days pass. I learn to live forgive and respect.

Until next time...
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