October 15, 2000-Sunday

Couldn't sleep in. I wanted to, but i woke up at 8:00. Drank my coffee with creamer (free day body for life). Checked email on my sweet new dell laptop that i got. Did a boatload of laundry and cleaned out the cabinets

I finally decided to go to the mall, bought some jeans, boxers and a cord for my phone. Went to see Kathy at HobbyLobby but she wasn't in. Came back home and measured my friend Tony (Body for life). I cooked some glazed chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner. I went to walmart and bought mixers for our shakes

Today I felt pretty good and enjoyed the solitude. I can really absorb my surroundings, rather than trying to run away from everything. I came to peace with hiring the attorney. I am fed up with Maryann belittling me and wanting to take half....Haven't I already given her 1/2, now its my time. I am quite certain if roles were reveresed she would do the same.

Anyhow, I will discuss it more tomorrow with Tony and his brother Robert. I am a great person. I feel great. I am on this journey for a reason with that reason becoming more evident daily. I love, respect and forgive all.

Until next time...

Chad BordesComment