October 7, 2000-Sunday

Today seemed to be a great day. I went to tony's second house and worked from 9 to 5. I accomplished a lot and talked with his brother robert for a bit.

Today was also emotional good for me. I was up more than i was down. What happened between maryann and i was a 50/50. I am just as responsible for the failure as she is. She seems to have lots of issues that she cant let go of. She seems unhappy with herself. She has jumped from relationship to relationship. She seems to seek happiness from outside sources. I wouldn't have been able to pursue a relationship with her until she sees the error of her ways..which she may never.

So i met this little cutie Kathy tonight. I met her at the bar the other night and she gave me her digits and i decided to call her. She is very cute. We went to chili's for dinner. Had a very good time. We also saw, "Meet the parents". I thought the movie was funy but it hurt watching fokker get picked on so much. After the movie we went back to Kathy's. She lived about a mile from where i was staying. We watched "down and out in beverly hills" We talked abit. She is very sweet and i have no clue where it will go. I enjoy hanging out with her, however, i cannot and will not pursue more than that. We kissed and i drove home.

more tomorrow?
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