October 9, 2000-Monday

overall a good day. Picked up the proofs from photographer, Marcia. There were 9 or 10 good ones for the portfolio. $144.00 bones. I was also told that I will need more body shots...shirt off, boxers, cycling, working out, etc.

Thought about Maryann a lot today. Thought about her and Mark...YUCK! Oh well. She hasn't loved me (or herself) for a long time. I know know that i could never take her back because of her decisions that she made.

I will begin to focus on myself and making me happy again. Mike B. was upset that I wouldnt take his offer on the car. I explained to him that even if he found a 2000 volvo d40 for 23 he wouldn't be able to get it at that price plus taxes. He was upset because he had it diagnosed, so i offered to pay 50% and told him to think about it. He said he found a white one for 19,500 and i told him to buy it...he admitted he was bluffing and gave me 22,500 for it

Spoke with Kathy tonight...we talked about lots of stuff including intimacy, to fantasies and what things she likes in a guy...she said me....

I have to remember my values. I need to be steadfast in them. I will read and go to bed...
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