Sunday and Anger

Well today is a new day.  I haven't journaled in a while.  I ran about 3 miles this morning.  Pretty cool and I felt good doing it.  I had some coffee at starbucks and then walked over to Warehouse music.  I bought all the Tool cd's.  I really like this shit.  I am getting in touch with my hate side.  Something some people fail to do this because of fear of new things.  I can say I am loving this music.  I think it would be great training music.  Its a clean and concise rock sound.  My long time friend James catches, aka Jimbo, turned me on to this band so thanks Jimbo.

Looks like today is going to be a great day.  The sun is shining, its warm out, birds are making a racket in the trees and right at this moment I am loving life.  I think the divorce should be final any day now.  I am going to have to pay twice as much as before I was married, however, I am glad that this will be over.  I am looking forward to the next life learning lesson or journey.  I found a really cool volvo for sale about $2grand, so maybe when i get some of this debt paid off, I can look at a car.

Realistically the only debt I would like to have is my school debt.  I look forward to starting over and beginning this new chapter in my life.  I am going to read this afternoon and get smarter

Until next time...
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