What a Day...

A time to journal again. What a difference a year makes. I have more confidence, less money and I have never been happier. It seems that is what life is all about. I have less but love life more. I am learning to truly prioritize what is important to me.

Money is no longer a motivator for me. You do what you are. Each person is given a gift. It is up to us to remember that. Maryann is almost completely out of my thoughts. I don't wish her harm and I wish her well. I will send her what I can when I can. Just like all the other creditors, Maryann is no longer an ex wife or a friend, just a debtor...someone that I learned and expensive lesson about

Now i have Fatima in my life and she is understanding, caring and a wonderful friend. We have long conversations and keep great company. I guess I had to be with Maryann to realize what i don't want and through it I realized what I want. Fatima and I share similar experiences in life. We respect one another for our experiences and we learned from our past.

The new chapter has begun in my life. I hope it is as exciting as the rest. I wake to each day with joy in my heart. I laugh through each day. At days end, I smile and what I accomplish and laugh and love with Fatima. I am blessed.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment