Panic Attacks

Nobody understands me. I feel completely alone and realize for the first time in my life, just how alone I am...No girlfriend, no friends, no family. My truck has caused me more grief than it is worth. Money is so tight for me and I am not enjoying life because of it. I have begun resenting my truck...

The voices in my head tell me I would be better off dead. Sometimes I agree. Maybe if I pull myself far away, no one will care. Then when I am far enough away, take my own life. I now realize that Fatima is too busy in her own life to care or help me through my struggles.

I am not able to deal with myself anymore, so how can she be. My ability to be has left me. I shall not hurt anyone else or let anyone else love me...ever again. I shall drift into the sunset and fade away like the last beam of sunlight from the horizon. No one hears, no one cares...

I started today off in a great mood and look at me now. I want to kill myself. I need help seriously and doubt that I will ever find it. The whole world is closing in on me (Anxiety and Panic)

If you are out there God, please help, for now I choose to wake no more.
Chad Bordes1 Comment