A Day Together

Today was great. Started off rough, but ended very nice. We had and argument but ended up going our own separate ways (from lisa and danielle). It was about to get ugly, but we decided to split up and that god we did. Fatima and I went all over Paris and did our own thing which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We went up near Montmartre and walked around some side shops. I found this awesome pen for journaling and writing. I think it is a nice fountain pen. I love ink pens, especilly the nice ones. This one does not drip run or smudge. It reminds me of the pen my father bought for me. It was an ink pen, which i loved, however, it died.

I gave my father a rollerball pen from cross which he used right up the the very end. I gave it to my uncle brad and he plans to pass it on to one of the boys. when he dies.

Back to my story. Fatima and i ended up walking down by the Champs de Elysses. We walked from the Arch to the obelisque. We took picturs and then walked back. We strolled through many parks and kissed passionately like lovers should do in Paris. I was very amazed and refreshed as it was a refresher course 101 in love.

It proved that the simple things in life really do make a difference. Take life fast and you will surely miss, take life slow and you are sure to grow.

I lost the key to get into our room..whoops.

Until next time...
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