Last tango in Paris

Last day in Paris. Fun fun fun. Woke up at 6:30 to go to Muse de Orsey. Saw Rodin, Monet, Manet, Renoir and other magnificent artists. We ate at a little cafe and had the Croque Monsieur...which is my favorite sandwich.

At 3:30 we met Lisa and Danielle at the Notre dame for a walk in the Latin Quarter. Stopped at the Village Ransard. Had some espresso, cappuccino and some beer. Lisa tried a hefewizen brand that was very tasty. Fatima had a beer and she normally never drinks. It was a great way to end our trip in Paris. Our waiter was super friendly and fun.

The Sun crept out every so often and warmed the mild breeze that was blowing through the Rue de Carmes. Paris has taught me to slow down once again. We as Americans don't take enough time to enjoy what we have. We eat too fast, drive even faster and smell the flowers even less. We don't taste our food and dont really enjoy the company that we keep that well.

Paris has been a great learning experience. The people will be rude until they know your level of severity. When they know your a tourist they either don't care or they love you. I also learned that taking the metro is better than renting a car. A car is useful if you have time to deal with the traffic. Once out of the city, the traffic dies down and the countryside is evident.

Fontainbleu is beautiful. Wanted to go to Chatres but that will have to wait for Bordeaux-the place of my grandfathers family. To live there and come to the US must have been quite a feat. I know a lot about my moms family, but i don't know that much about my fathers side of the family. I need to learn while time and the memory is the freshest in my head. We leave in 30 minutes via train to Florence so I must wrap up. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to the train ride to Florence.
Chad BordesComment