Getting Busted by your Girlfriend

Interesting day for me.  Work started out okay and then I got a call @10 from Fatima.  She wanted to call it quits because she found an old profile on MSN that I used to use to meet up with girls.  I told her it was deactivated, or so I thought.  She found the profile on my computer and thought that I was having cyber sex with girls.  I explained to her that I wasn't, but I was using them to communicate with other adults about my sexual thoughts anonymously.

I wanted to get others opinions about sex and what it is like for them and what is acceptable and not acceptable.  I wasn't really trying to be sly about it, I was just curious.  I think it is an area we will have to work on and may have to take some time to discuss.  I haven't really been comfortable enough to discuss my thoughts with anyone, girls or guys, or Fatima, so I guess this turned out to be a blessing.

Until next time.
Chad BordesComment