Wednesday, August 7, 2003

Eventful yet stagnant day.  Worked a job in Santa Fe Springs today.  Saw a man walking his dog at 4:30, Geese flying in San Clemente, and an iridescent  green building just off the 5 outside of LA.

Feelings were minimal, thoughts small.  What did i notice today, what did i learn.  Did i learn something, anything or anymore about myself.  The day was not insignificant, Every day has meaning, every day has purpose.

Although most of the day was spent waiting and sleeping, I can't help but feel saddened by the current state of my life.  Frozen, unmoveable, tired, restless…stuck.  My life has become structure to achieve balance.  Balance begets conformity, conformity=norm.  Mediocrity is okay in everyones mind.  Settle or don't be sought after.  Was Thoreau wrong with transcendentalism?  becoming one with nature and surroundings.  What purpose do we achieve by letting go.  When we ascertain certain ideals, do we not forget the premise of other beliefs we have held.  Confidence is a mere image of what we are striving for on a daily basis, but rather we fall short on a constant but changing rate flow.

Tides flow daily like emotions in our thoughts.  Correction sometimes sets us free from struggles, but correction of though releases inner demons of rage.  We sharpen our thoughts as that of a construction worker grinding metal for that perfect fit. Focus lacks during times of stress.  Teach those near what you have seen.  learn from tose who have tread before you .  Natures keys can be released. Strive for tomorrow, learn from today

Until next time...
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