Working at a bicycle store

so I work at a bike store in Pacific Beach. There are some random characters that you come across...including myself...but I decided to take some pics of people I work with.

This is Nik. He is the owners son...he was doing some god pose...With his long flowing hair...the chicks dig him

This is boss from Performance. Now he is a kick ass salesman at Bicycle Discovery. He made this face, which is kind of hillarious because he always smiles normally.

My camera has a slow shutter time on my phone. This is tori...she is cool. She doesn't take any crap and has a pretty kick ass voice.

Tyler...this guy is funny and kick ass with Jiu Jitsu. Lets just put it this way...don't fuck with him.

Matt on the usual.

The front of the bike store...lots of homeless hangout here...
The view from the store...Tons o Surfers here. All in all just random wierdness occurs here.
The reason I am sane. I love you... muah!
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