Day 1-San Diego flying to Washington DC

Well I woke up at 3:47 this morning thanks to my awesome cat pepper. She knew I had to be up early and as I arose, she chirped happiness running to the kitchen before me, knowing that I was going to be filling up her bowl.

I loaded up my suitcase only to find both precious and tigher sad to see me go. I can tell when they are sad because they sit in whatever bag I am taking. It was cute and I will post some pics up here tonight.

I am in cincinatti right now. The flight here was uneventful. I am soon to board my flight to DC. In reading my program notes, I noticed that Sir Richard Branson is going to be the guest speaker....

Holy Crapola...He is one of the men I want to meet before I die. As luck has it, I will be on the meetings team and will (cross my fingers) be able to sit in the room with him while he speaks. That would be awesome.

I am going to be staying at the henley park hotel in DC. You can look it up on line. It is cool but also a boutique hotel. I hate boutique hotels when I work. They are either way to small or smell dank. Anyhow...I will post some more on here tonight.

Ciao for now
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