Casino Royale...

4 out of 5 stars
Okay so I didn't post this the first time I saw it, but I am posting it now. What a great flick. Probably one of the best Bond movies since "On Her Majestys Secret Service".

George Lazenby didn't get the credit he needed for his first and only appearance as Bond. Too many people were upset about the fact that it wasn't sean connery and felt it was a betrayal to the bond cult. Others may have ignored it all together.

What I liked about both of these movies is the human aspect of Bond. The relationship between being a secret agent and being in love. With Casino Royale, Daniel Craig reveals his human side by falling in love. Lazenby did the same, or at least there were allusions to this. Daniel craig may be too strong for some people to handle in the Bond role, but the fact that he doesn't do cheese won my vote. In "Casino Royale", he plays somewhat of a badass with a new beginning. It is basically how he got his 00 status. He is confident and weak at the same time.
I think you will find it an exceptional intro to how bond became bond. Both movies were exceptionally well done and if you haven't seen either...get to it man/woman.

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