Christmas again...

Well its christmas again.

This year I am actually with family. Last year I was in Bradenton florida with my 3 kitties and no fiance. So as i write this i reflect on a year of lessons learned.

- No matter how hard you try, you can't make someone love you.
- Relationships are can damage you, enhance you, or teach you a great lesson...hopefully, you will get the lesson.
- Life gets hard sometimes, hopefully you will have friends there to help ease the pain. If you don't, you better learn to cry. Nothing feels better than a good cry.
- everyone lies whether they realize it or not.
- sometimes music can heal, other times it will make you feel.
- Do something good for yourself exercise, eat good food, meet new people, and learn to save for rainy days.
- You can NEVER stop learning.
- Don't move to a place called Bradenton if you are under 60 years old.
- Have a pet. Pets understand you more sometimes than you understand yourself. There is nothing better than a friendly snuggle from a feline friend or canine companion.
-Be yourself is all that you can be...
A great poem

Out Upon it, I Have Loved
by Sir John Suckling

Out upon it! I have lovedThree whole days together;And am like to love three more,If it prove fair weather.
Time shall moult away his wingsEre he shall discoverIn the whole wide world againSuch a constant lover.
But the spite on't is, no praiseIs due at all to me:Love with me had made no staysHad it any been but she.
Had it any been but she,And that very face,There had been at least ere thisA dozen dozen in her place.
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