I kicked ass on 88 miles today

Okay...so heres the deal. I just got done with an 88 mile ride and I feel fuckin awesome. What a sense of accomplishment. I rock.
As jack black said, "don't you think its time to fuckin rock... and fucking roll...out of control."
Needless to say, i am now setting my sites on some centuries. Lisa recommended the death ride....and it sounds like a challange to me. I did cramp up on the torrey pines hill on the way back, but I managed to get through it. I have found that focusing on the white line as you climb, will get you through any situation.
At some point and time, i lost my water bottle. Not sure if it happened off the 76 or where...I just know I was at my turning around point and I looked down and my full water bottle was gone. I rode back at a clipping pace of 23mph to get back to alan's bike shop on coast hwy. Adam, the manager, hooked me up with a free water bottle and some ice cold sparkletts water. Thanks guys. I was thinking of bringing the camera on this ride and I could kick myself for not doing it. It was the most beautiful day on my recorded history.
Now i will munch on some food and play with the cats whilst doing laundry. Has anyone seen my toothpaste (Noah). I can't find it to save my life..
Anywhoo...drop me a line...there will be tons more blogs to follow
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