Salads are great

Salads for dinner
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I love food...healthy food. I haven't been eating any sort of fast food for two weeks and I feel GREAT. Now if i could kick this nasty drinking habit, i would be golden. I just need to learn to say no.

So tonight I am having a salad, with hothouse cucumbers and chicken. I have been having this for many nights (or not eating) and I love it. Tonight I put some sesame ginger seasoning on it... needless to say "Chaddy likeee"

It could also be that i am washing it down with an ice cold hefeweizen. I am putting a few carbs in my system for tomorrow mornings early ride. I am going to leave the house at 5:30 (and let me tell you it will be hella cold). I am going to be bundled up to the nines or 6's...whichever I feel like.

Speaking of cold...i am stoked. I got my heater in the apartment to work. It does a very NICE job of heating this biyatch up. Although I must admit I am a dork...I am sitting here in shorts, shirt and armwarmers. Can you say "OOCC" thats short for out of control cyclist. Anyhoo. I am going to finish me salad and beer and read some of Angels and Demons that fatima so graciously loaned me. But first I must send matty a resume as well as lola. I told her i would help her revamp her resume so she can get a kickass job.

I am going to put some kitty pics up. I love my girls...they are so cute. You will see.

Peace out and may you have heat when your cold, money when you are short on cash, love all the time and food on a hungry belly. As george said,

"I know that you are just tryin to put food on your family..."

Love the US...remind me to get all the young people out there to vote next time so this SHIT does not ever happen again.

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