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The ride that took me 100

Okay so today, i was going to leave at 6:30 for my 100 mile ride but couldn't because my ipeeeed wasn't charged so i had to charge it for 20 minutes. I was worried that it would last the ride, but lo and behold it got me all the way to bonsall and back and crapped out just before arriving at the bottom of grape.

So the ride was kick ass. I managed to maintain almost 17 mph the whole ride. I was actually at 21-24 on the flats and lost some on the hills. On the way down the 76 it started getting scary because there is no bike lane so i really had to hold my line and concentrate.
I sent out the vibe to the universe that I was going to do 100 miles and i did just that. The old Chad would have said that he could never do that...but the new chad knows better. The new Chad can do anything. I am actually listening to Frou Frou right now on the garden state soundtrack. I love that song.

I stopped at Java Depot and met Marc with SDBC. I am going to be riding with them this year. I signed up to race as a cat 4/5 rider. Marc is cool he is from South Africa and just got back from Australia. He is in charge of the cat 4/5 riders. I got a cup of coffee and a bagel. He invited me to sit with him. He talked about his adventures in Aussie Land. Noah would love this guy. Had to leave within 25 minutes because I didn't want my muscles to get cold.

Life is great and gets better everyday. The best part about life is that now I have a purpose...something I never felt I had. I really feel that my friend Chelsea saved my life by sending that video to me. I am great and life is great and it just keeps getting better.
So the white line thing really worked today. My legs are spent right now. I am still warm from the ride. I think I have burned 7300 calories today. Good job yay me.

At 5 I went to fashion valley and spent some time with my friend Colleen. She works at the Apple store. We chatted over a starbucks and then she had to part because she has to get food for her cats...get this...Calvin and Hobbes. What great names for cats.
Okay...I am out. I need sleep...body tired and legs must rest. Neck was the only thing that hurt a little bit today. Heating pad tonight.
Out til next time.
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