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I got some sad news today. My uncle John D'amico, who was very influential and inspirational in my life, passed last week. What is quite ironic about it is that I called him the week before to talk with him and tell him how much I loved and appreciated him. He had cancer of the blood and bones. He was in lots of pain, but the medication and his faith, helped to keep the pain at bay.
John ministered too me when I was 18 every day until I was 20. He shared with me the most amazing stories about life, his life and how blessed he was to have three amazing children, Janet, Johnny, and Missy. I remember the summer of 89 when i moved to pensacola florida and lived with him on the beach. It was a blessing. I was actually right across the street from the most amazing white beaches in the world. It was a small 2 bedroom condo and they let me live on the couch. I was so thankful. I lived there for 4 months until i finally moved into town and got an apartment with my first roomate Michael dixon.
I can remember coming into work every day and John would show up about an hour after the mall opened. Our ritual was pretty much the same. We would read and discuss the paper together, then it was crossword puzzle time, and then after that we would minister to each other. We talked about the bible and how certain verses/passages/scriptures applied to my life. After discussing/ministering/witnessing for a few hours, John would go down to the picadilly cafeteria ad have lunch. He would stay until about 3 or 4 and then head home.
I remember one day John came in and said he was having a bible study at his house on a friday. He not only asked me to be there, but he asked me to lead it. We had a crowd of about 20 that showed up. I presented an amazing topic on Moses and some things I had learned. It was my first attempt at public speaking. I was an instant hit. Everyone walked away feeling refreshed and invigorated.
John was an amazing man. He lived the life of a bachelor at a young age, he had is own gambling facility and he was very successful at a very young age. He gave all that up when he met my aunt sally and devoted his life to Jesus. He eventually opened a grocery store in Alexandria Louisiana and raised his family with strong values. In 1987, him and his wife sally opened up 2 mom's cinnamon rolls, one in Baton Rouge and one in Pensacola Fl.
He never spoke bad about anyone and he truly loved everyone. He was an amazing man and an inspiration to all. and will be missed by all, including family and friends. I love you uncle John and you will be missed by me! God Bless!
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