Movie Review: Black Snake Moan

4 out of 5
So my friend Noah and I went to see this movie tonight. I wasn't sure what my expectations were going to be because I had only seen one clip. From my entrance into the theatre, I was sure that from the crowd turn out and the lack of theatre play, that this was going to be a disappointment. The movie was far from a disappointment.

The show starts off with JT and Christina Ricci going at it during what seems to be a very passionate, sexy, and invigorating love scene. Immediately after this seen, JT is dressing up in army camo and packing up the last of his bags to head out for basic training to head to iraq. He makes his promise to Christina and gives her a watch that will beep at exactly the same time every night no matter where they are. JT drives off with Christina Ricci running after him begging him not to go.

Rather than going into the whole story I will let you know that Christina is afflicted by a troubled past and seems to take this condition out sexually with numerous men. While this is happening, you are opened up to Lazarus, played by Samuel Jackson. A character meeting his wife in a cafe with news that she will be filing for divorce and leaving with Lazarus' brother.

What unfolds in the movie is a story of a sexual addict and a lost musician whose paths intertwine in a rather odd relationship. Lazarus finds himself in religion and feels he must save Christina. Christina is afflicted with demons past and must be broken in order to truly remove the demons. The story unfolds about how Lazarus was hurt by love and how Christina was hurt by the lack of love.

The scenery and cinematography in this movie is fantastic. The soundtrack is even better and will make you want to visit a blues house in the near future. Christina Ricci did a fantastic job of convincing the audience that she knew the part. The character seemed to become her. Samuel Jackson, as always, over delivers and underpromises on his captivating role as Lazarus. There are also some classic one liners in this movie that will be quoted in the streets for months to come. Justin Timberlake, in my humbled opinion, did a fantastic job of playing the part of an inexperienced young guy just out of school going into the military. At first I was skeptical, but as his role progressed, he became more believeable.

All in all, I loved this movie and highly recommend it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Great performances, great music, and great cast. You may not be able to catch it in theatres so make sure you grab a copy once it is out on DVD

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