Video blog...

So I am going to start a video blog. I have decided to get some damn exposure with this shizzle.

So yesterday I heated some pizza on one of my 3 plates that I have from Ikea. Well I didn't realize that you can't put them in the oven. When i pulled it cracked. It wasn't until tonight that i realized while washing it that it was cracked as it broke into three pieces in my hand...that sucks my nuzzle sack. As I stood at the sink...i laughed hysterically. I mean really what else can you do... Life throws at you exactly what you need at exactly that moment. I am listening to Everything in its right place by radiohead from Vanilla sky at exactly this moment.

Wow is all i can say. Everything in its right place

Soon it shall be as for right now..i enjoy music and the solace and alone ness

Everything is getting better as of right now...

Until next time my friends.
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