Great Day

So the day started off pretty slow for me. My landlord was knockin on my door at 9:28 in the morning. I jumped out of bed, opened the door, completely dis-sheveled mind you, and said hello and apologizing because i forgot to drop the rent in the rent slot. I handed her the rent check and we made small talk. Jenny, the landlord, said she knew I had forgotten because normally my check is the first one in the rent box. She smiled and said have a great day.

I checked my emails as I always do and recieved the usual 4 or 5 from my loving mom, who by the way is the most amazing woman I know, Mom if you ever read this, I love you so much. You mean the world to me. I had a few random emails and the usual junk. I used office outlook for my emails and for the most part, it does a great job eliminating my junk mail. I have to go through and add the occasional spammer to the junk list, but other than that I like it. I checked my bank statements and then i decided, I really need to go on a bike ride.

Somehow or another, it seems for me at least, that I can make more excuses not to exercise than I can to exercise. Like, "Oh I have way too much stuff to do" or "I will exercise later today" and when later comes around then i say, "it is too late to exercise". At what point and time will that justification go away. I mean lets face it, exercise is a miracle drug. It cures whatever may ail you and makes you feel incredible about yourself. I finally got off my butt, put my gear on, loaded up my ipod and headed out for a beautiful coast ride.

Now many of you don't know this, but since reading the secret, part of my mantra every day is to give thanks for the many friends and amazing people I have in my life. Another part is to meet and attract new people into my existence every day. Well that is exactly what I did on this fine day. As I was making my way around mission bay, I passed a cyclist on a nice specialized allez. He had all his gear in his pack on his back. He was probably doing 16-18 miles and hour and I was feeling strong at about 21-22. I passed him and said hello to him. Well I came to the stop sign at mission bay where the cars get on the intersection and he caught up to me. He introduced himself as Chris. He said, "I don't have a car, this is my primary means of transportation". I said, "that is awesome". He then replied, "I would like to ride with you someday". I said "that would be awesome", and as so many cyclists do at intersections or while riding, we exchanged numbers and agreed to get together on a weekend or possible weekday ride. Goal of meeting new people for this day:Accomplished.

So my ride took me through the campus of UCSD and through Torrey Pines, down the torrey pines hill and into Del Mar, through the scenic Del Mar into Solana Beach and all the way to encinitas. I turned around under the Encinitas sign. Most of you who live in San Diego will know this sign, it is historic and has been there as long or almost as long as Encinitas has been there itself.

I returned down the coast and rode as fast as possible because I was under the impression that today would be the day that I got my license back. So when I arrived at home at 4 pm I knew that I would have to make a bee line on my commuter bike to the DMV. I switched gear and gears and hauled but (even though my legs were spent) to the DMV. The line at 4:25 was astronomical. I waited in line, got my number and went to use the restroom. As I came out of th restroom, I looked up and saw my number was being called at window 3. As I approached the window, the same gentleman that helped me last week get my id was at the window. After small talk, he remembered me and was very nice. We chatted, i asked him a few questions and left with him having a smile on his face. Goal of making someone laugh: Not on the list, but attained.

That was the extent of the day. Nothing overly special, but special to me in my own way. We walk through life sometimes forgetting to notice all the small things that make each thing a big day. I hope your days don't go un-remembered. Start keeping a journal...much like this one. Who knows, maybe someone will decide to pay you for your stories. Stranger things have happened.

" The universe is magnificent and brings all good things to me. I deserve all the good the universe has to offer. Life is Good"
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