Update: Working in Chicago

So i haven't been able to post anything on here in a week because I have been working and don't have a laptop for the road. I have been working at the palmer house hilton. Nice, older property here in Chicago.

Staff has been as accomodating as possible, however, the service is a bit slower than we would like to see. I was on the meetings team and was responsisble for getting all the collateral materials delivered, making sure we had proper signage, ensuring the rooms are the right temperature and just sort of being there for the meetings rooms if they needed anything.

This meeting was extremely successful and there were no real issues of concern. They are doing a complete renovation of the property and if you are thinking of doing an event here, you may want to reconsider until after 2008 is past.

Worked with great staff and just had a good time. The meeting planner on this was extremely organized and it shows...less time worked. 10 hour days max...unlike 14-16 hour days with unorganized programs.

I fly in tonight at 6 into beautiful San Diego International Airport/Lindburgh Field. I love our airport. I love our city. I am proud to call it home.

Until next time,