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So how do you start a blog off during a wierd time in life? The same way as everyone else, you sit down and write what comes to your mind. I reflect a lot on my life and where i am and if I wil ever get to that point where I feel i can relax a bit. I think the blog is the only place i can write what i feel and not be judged or where people give me useful advise. Sometimes you call a friend or family member and they want to solve your problems. Sometimes, i just need a listening ear and this way I can put down my thoughts without feedback, except for the music that I listen to at this moment.

 "Wait" by sarah mclachlan

So i was a little blue today after i got off work. I went and worked out and sat in the steam room. when i was finished, i went upstairs and changed. I trudged down to the "terrace" restaurant after contemplating for 20 minutes if i should order room service. I ordered the kobe beef burger and a baked potato. The food was very good and I made sure to eat slowly to enjoy the food. After eating, i decided to go to up to the exective lounge. It is a floor on the tower of the anatole that is for VIP's. I don't know how or why i became a VIP but i don't question those things anymore, much like not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Upon arriving at the executive lounge, I was greeted by a very nice gentleman who seemed to have an accent. he told me the rules of the lounge and explained that since i was a VIP, i also had complimentary access to the gym and continental breakfasts starting at 6am. I poured a cup of coffee and sat right by the window looking out on the beautiful city of dallas. Apparently my energy attracted the host of the lounge again. He asked what my business was in dallas and gave some facts on the city. Very nice man. His name is Enri Thomas and he is from the Netherlands. He said he was delighted that I was there and hoped to see me again soon. It made me smile because I attracted him into my life and he was a very nice man.

From the executive lounge, i had to catch a taxi to the closest walgreens to get some shave stuff. The cab drivers name was tawdesra. I may have butchered it. He was very nice and spoke broken english but well enough so that I could understand it. He is from Ethiopia and has been here for 4 years and really loves it here. He doesn't love the heat so much. He was very nice to talk to and because i have a generous heart, when i was dropped off at the hotel I gave him a 40% tip.

I guess the lesson learned, Life is more than just our sphere and we affect all those in the bubble around us. be nice and you will continute to attract new and interesting people. When your sphere becomes negative, life becomes void and uninteresting and mundane. Foreigners love this country for the opportunity, yet we the locals take it for granted because, we don't make enough or there aren't enough opportunities. If a foreigner can come here and see things that we don't see, what are we missing. Why is it that the grass is always greener on the other side? When did money make us loose our ability to admire things around us every day.

I work in an industry of cynics. They always hate the locations they work. You say, i am working vegas next week and they say, i hate vegas. You say, i am working new york, they reply with, I can't stand New York. My motto is enjoy all of it because you won't be here long enough to change it and make it the way you want. Learn the system and learn to work within it. Find the confines of the construct and learn to adapt it to your will. Don't feel sorry for yourself, talk to a friend and learn to let go. Life is a merry go round that allows you just one ride. Enjoy it the best you can and maybe you will see the wealth you give to every day.

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